Legend Prof 28cm fry

Legend Prof Chef 28cm nonstick frypan

Product Code: 201009

The Legend Professional 28cm Non-stick Frying pan can be used to fry quick and easy meals such as chicken, eggs, fish and much more. This frying pan has been made using high quality Stainless Steel and has a PFOA free non-stick interior coating that prevents food from getting stuck to the base of the pan and allows for easy cooking. The frying pans has a durable riveted Stainless Steel cool touch handle making it save to move the pan from the hob to the counter.

Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Warranty: 25 years Stainless Steel & 3 years Non-Stick



  • 25 Year Warranty on St/St & 3 Year Warranty on Non-stick
  • Stainless Steel body & black non-stick interior coating
  • Suitable for all hobs, including induction
  • 3mm Encapsulated base allows for quick and even heat distribution
  • Durable welded Stainless Steel cool touch handles
  • Dishwasher safe


Barcode: 6008098003342
Product Weight: 918g
Packaging Weight: 1600g
Capacity: 13lt
Product Dimensions: H: 10.1cm / D: 29.1cm / W: 52.1cm
Packaging Dimensions / On Shelf: H: 8cm / D: 30cm  / W: 50cm
Colours: Silver


(See use & care leaflet for full details) As soon as the cooking process is complete, remove the cookware from the hot plate and allow it to cool down on either a trivet or a heat resistant surface / Never pour cold water into a hot pan or pot / Burnt food can be removed by soaking the cookware overnight / Avoid using harsh abrasives or steel wool as this will scratch the interior surface and the exterior of the pot or pan / Warm water and dish washing liquid is recommended as the most efficient way to clean your cookware / This product is recommended for the dishwasher, however, hand washing with warm water and dish washing liquid is recommended as the best way to preserve the look of your cookware as over time strong dishwasher detergents may affect the appearance and performance of your cookware / Do not store your cookware when damp or wet.


This product has been designed to distribute heat evenly, which ensures that cooking can be done on medium to low heat setting / Always use the correct size stove plate that corresponds with the size of the pot that you are using / Do not allow handles to extend over a hot plate / Do not leave your cookware unattended, as the cookware could boil dry and this may result in permanent damage to the product / Your cookware should never be filled to more than two thirds of its capacity / If you cook using the lid provided, this will allow you to cook at a lower heat, thus saving you energy and preserving the natural nutrients and colouring of the food / Rising steam can be very dangerous and direct contact should be avoided / It is important to note that pots and pans containing liquid can be heavy and utmost care should be taken when moving cookware containing hot oil or liquids.