100163 – Heritage Chef
100163 – Heritage Chef

Heritage Chef 6pce st/st Cookware Set

Product Code: 100163

Cook delicious meals in style with the new Legend Heritage Chef 6pce Cookware Set. This set has a high quality Stainless Steel body with a St/St & Copper Induction base.  The base is a 3 layer encapsulated base which allows for quick and even heat distribution. The set includes a 16cm Saucepan, 18cm & 20 Casseroles and has a 25 year warranty.

Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Warranty: 25 years



  • 25 Year warranty
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Copper induction base
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stylish design
  • 201 Stainless Steel
  • 1mm Copper capsule
  • Body gauge 0.6mm
  • 5mm aluminium core thickness
  • 1mm st/st induction plate


Barcode: 6008098001996
Weight: 16cm (1019g) / 18cm (1229g) / 20cm (1455g)
Capacity: 16cm (1.7lt) / 18cm (2.4lt) / 20cm (3.2lt)
Product Dimensions: 16cm (H: 14.6cm / D: 17.5cm / W: 36.5) , 18cm (H: 15.9cm / D: 19.5cm / W: 28.3), 20cm (H: 16.5cm / D: 21.5cm / W: 30.3cm)
Packaging Dimensions / On Shelf: H: 15cm / D: 25.5cm  / W: 48.2cm
Colours: Silver & Copper


This product is designed to distribute heat evenly which ensures cooking may be done on low to medium heat. Use the correct size stove plate which corresponds with the size of the pot.


Do not use this product under a Grill or in a Microwave. It is advisable to use oven gloves at all times as a precaution. Sharp utensils such as Stainless Steel may leave minor scratches on the interior of Cookware. It is recommended that you use Woden and Nylon utensils. Never pour cold water into hot pan. Cookware should never be filled more than two thirds of its capacity. Use by children must be supervised by a responsible adult. Cookware should only be used on low to medium heat. It is not recommended that you add salt to liquid without stirring as this may cause discolouration and or pitting in Stainless Steel. Avoid leaving food in Cookware after cooking as this may cause discolouration to Cookware. Legend cookware with stainless steel handles is oven safe for reheating purposes only. It is not recommended that you use the lid in the oven if you are going to cook in the Cookware. The body of Cookware is oven safe to 240⁰C.  You are able to start the cooking process on the stovetop and complete it in the oven, if you so wish. Remember to always use oven gloves. This product is dishwasher safe but hand washing with warm water and mild dishwashing soap is recommended as the best way to preserve the look of your cookware. White marks can be removed using warm water and lemon juice or vinegar. Do not store Cookware wet or damp.