Legend Premium silicone basting brush

Comfortable handle silicone basting brush

Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

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  • Square and curved function end for easy handling.
  • Silicone material heat resistant to 428F/220C.
  • Comfortable handle.


  • Barcode: 6009710421543
  • Product Weight: 0.075kg
  • Packaging Weight: 0.080kg
  • Product Dimensions: H: 27.00cm, D: 2.00cm, W: 8.50cm
  • Packaging Dimensions: H:31,00cm, D: 2.00cm, W: 8.50cm
  • Materials: Silicone, Polypropylene plastic (PP)
  • Colours: Grey & red


  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Do not leave this product resting on a hot surface or hot cookware as it may melt.
  • Ideal for use on non-stick & plastic surfaces.
  • Food safe and BPA free.


  • Staining may occur when used with strong colour spices (turmeric) or curry based sauces.
  • Do not leave product resting on a hot plate as item could melt.
  • Not permit for direct contact with open flame.
  • For domestic use only.

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