L&L 5pce container set

Product Code: HPL815SG5

The Lock & Lock 5 piece Rectangle Container set is transparent which makes it easy to view the contents inside. It includes 350ml/ 470ml/550ml/850ml/1.1lt containers. The Container set is a great way to store and save various foods to keep it fresher for longer. The variety of sizes of the container set makes it perfect for storing snacks, treats and food. A great way to organise items around the house. These containers have Silicone seals and a four sided locking mechanism which makes the containers air and liquid tight.

Set includes:  350ml/ 470ml/550ml/850ml/1.1lt

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Warranty: 1 Year


  • Silicone seal
  • Freezer and Dishwasher safe
  • 100% Air and Liquid tight
  • BPA free
  • PP Plastic


Barcode: 8803733059190
Weight: 653g
Capacity: 350ml/ 470ml/550ml/850ml/1.1lt
Product & Packaging Dimensions: 350ml (H: 5.2cm x D: 10.2cm x W: 13.5cm) / 470ml (H: 6.8cm x D: 10.2cm x W: 13.5cm) / 550ml (H: 5.2cm x D: 12.8cm x W: 18.1cm) / 850ml (H: 6.8cm x D: 12.8cm x W: 18.1cm) / 1.1lt (H: 8.8cm x D: 12.8cm x W: 18.1cm)
Colours: Transparent Containers with Silicone seals


Open lid before using in Microwave. Only use Container in Microwave for reheating purposes and do not keep Container in Microwave for longer than 3 minutes. Do not use in Oven or under a Grill. Do not use an empty Container in the Microwave. Avoid Microwaving foods which are high in fat and oil, as the fats and oils will “boil” and cause damage to the inside of the Container. Keeping carbonated or fermented food in the Container for extended periods of time can deteriorate air tightness of Container. Keep away from fire. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scourers when cleaning Containers.