P-0811S2 – 8803733272100 – Easy Seal Glass Square 730ml 2pce – Product Image
P-0811S2 – 8803733272100 – Easy Seal Glass Square 730ml 2pce – Product Image

LnL Easy Seal Glass square 730ml 2pce

Product Code: P-0811S2

Go from oven to table and freezer to microwave with the LocknLock Glass Easy Seal range. This range is made with Borosilicate Glass making it heat resistance up to 400ºC and features an easy seal lid. The glass easy seal range features transparent glass making it easier to see contents while cooking. Oven and microwave safe without the lids. Suitable for the dishwasher. For domestic use only.

Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year



  • Borosilicate oven glass safe up to 400°C
  • Microwave and Oven safe without lids
  • Freezer safe
  • Stackable storage glass containers
  • Oven to table
  • Freezer to microwave
  • BPA Free Polypropylene Plastic
  • Reduced Sodium oxide rate which ensures glass retains clearness and transparency


Barcode: 8803733272100
What’s Included & Capacities: LnL Easy Seal Glass Square 730ml x 2
Product Weight: 479g per container (total = 958g)
Packaging Weight: 964g
Product Dimensions: H: 6.3cm x W: 15.4cm x D: 15.6cm
Packaging Dimensions: H: 12.6cm x W: 15.4cm x D: 15.6cm
Colours: Clear Body / White Lid


The glass can crack or break on impact. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers. Wash the glass container in lukewarm water with a soft cloth. Do not overheat empty container in the microwave or oven for long periods of time. Remove lid before use in the microwave and oven. Take care when handling hot dishes, use oven gloves. Borosilicate glass safe up to 400°C. Wash glass containers before and after use. Do not overfill containers when freezing, as expansion will occur and can cause the glass to crack. This product is suitable for the dishwasher.


Borosilicate glass safe up to 400°C. Take care when using the glass containers as glass may shatter if it is dropped on a hard surface. Use oven gloves when removing hot dishes from the oven and microwave. Keep away from children. Take care when freezing as expansion will occur. Do not overfill when freezing food.