LMW105 – 8803733258197 – LnL Microwave ready to eat sq. 1.1lt – Product Image
LMW105 – 8803733258197 – LnL Microwave ready to eat sq. 1.1lt – Product Image

LnL Microwave ready to eat sq. 1.1lt

Product Code: LMW105

Heat and cook noodles with spices, stock and sauces in the 1.1lt LocknLock Microwave container. Easily cook meals from noodles to soup to steamed vegetables with the LocknLock Mircowave Container range. The LocknLock Microwave range allows you to go from mircowave to table and freezer to mircowave, with it’s design for convenient cooking and heating. The containers have speciallify been designed for the mircowave allowing the containers to have no environmental hormones. The containers feature a transparent 4 side locking mechanism lid which makes them completely air and liquid tight and allows you to see contents without opening the lid. The lid features a steam hole which allows you to keep the lid on while cooking or heating and helps keep the flavour. The range is made with BPA free PP plastic and FDA Approved antimicrobial Silicone seal making it safe, easy to use and heat resistance up to 140°C. Suitable for the dishwasher. For domestic use only.

Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year



  • Transparent lid
  • BPA free PP Plastic
  • 4 side locking mechanism lid
  • Airtight and Liquid tight
  • Heat resistance up to 140°C
  • Steam hole
  • Antimicrobial Silicone seal
  • No enviromental hormones
  • Microwave to Table
  • Freezer to microwave
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Designed for convenient cooking and heating
  • Microwave soup bowl features a handle
  • Freezer safe


Barcode: 8803733258197
Capacity: 1.1lt
Product Weight: 281g
Packaging Weight: 284g
Product Dimensions: H: 9.3cm / D: 17.8cm / W: 20.1cm
Packaging Dimensions: H: 9.3cm / D: 17.8cm / W: 20.1cm
Colours: Orange base / Clear lid / Orange silicone band


The containers are only designed for the mircowave and are suitable for the dishwasher. Wash container before and directly after use to avoid discolouration from cooking specifc foods. When heating and cooking greasy and spicy foods such as curry, sauce, etc. discolouration can occur. Do not heat an empty contanier in the mircowave. The LocknLock mircowave containers are only suitable for conventional and non-conventional mircowaves. Do not use the containers in the oven, mircowave ovens and/or under the grill. The containers are not suitable for cooking and heating moistless, greasy food such as bacon. Always open the steam hole when containers are in use. Always use recommended recipe time in order to not overheat contents. When cooking or heating foods with less water cook for a shorter time period in order to not overheat. Always allow containers to thaw to room tempertature when taking the containers from the freeer to the mircowave, in order to avoid cracking and damage to containers. Strong impact can cause breakage and damage to the container. Do not fill containers when freezing containers as expansion will occur and can cause damage to the container. The LocknLock microwave range is easy to use and safe up to 140°C. For domestic use only. Freezer safe.


Take caution when handling hot dishes as containers and steam will be hot. Always use oven gloves. Microwave containers heat resistant up to 140°C. Take care when handling the containers as breakage and damage can occur as a result of strong impact. Take caution when freezing as expansion will occur and can cause containers to crack. Do not fill when freezing food. Always allow containers to thaw to room temperature before use.