Meliconi Soft touch bin 60lt black

Product Code: 14000553106BF

The Meliconi Soft Touch 60lt Bin has a simplistic & elegant design to easily complement any kitchen and living space. This bin is made using high quality Coated Black Metal and features an ABS Plastic soft touch lid. A special liner lock device is inserted in the bin to keep a trash bag in place and the bin also features a practical system for removing liners from the
bottom of the bin.
Warranty: 1 Year



  • Coated Black Metal
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Plastic (ABS)
  • Soft touch mechanism
  • Liner lock device


Barcode: 8006023066902
Product Weight: 3260g
Packaging Weight: 5060g
Capacity: 60lt
Product Dimensions: H: 78.5cm x D: 36.7cm x W: 37.4cm
Packaging Dimensions / On Shelf: H: 81.3cm / D: 41cm  / W: 41.2cm
Colours: Black