100292 – 6009710420294 – Taste Cleo 7pce Cookware Set – Product Image
100292 – 6009710420294 – Taste Cleo 7pce Cookware Set – Product Image

Taste Cleo 7pce st/st cookware set

Product Code: 100292

The Taste Cleo 7pce Cookware set is made using high quality Stainless Steel and is ideal for creating delicious dishes everyday.The 3mm Layer encapsulated base allows for quick and even heat distribution and is suitable for all hobs including induction. Copper outside coating & a Mirror polish finish inside. Tempered Glass Lids that allow one to see contents while cooking. Riveted Stainless Steel handle and knobs, which makes it durable. For domestic use only.

Dishwasher Safe: No
Warranty: 2 Years



  • Riveted Stainless Steel knobs and handles
  • Tempered glass lids
  • Induction friendly base
  • Suitable for all hobs
  • Copper exterior coating
  • Mirror polish interior finish
  • 201 Stainless Steel


Barcode: 6009710420294
Product Weight: 1.05kg Frying Pan:_kg / 16cm Sauce Pan: 0.595kg (without lid) / 20cm Casserole: 0.877kg (without lid) / 24cm Casserole: 1.221kg (without lid)
Packaging Weight: 5.6kg
Capacity: 24cm Frying Pan: 2.3lt / 16cm Sauce Pan: 1.5lt / 20cm Casserole: 3lt / 24cm Casserole: 5.5lt
Product Dimensions: 24cm Frying Pan (H – without handle: 7.1cm / D: 25.3cm / W: 45.8cm) / 16cm Sauce Pan (H – without lid & handle: 17.5cm  / D: 17.5cm / W: 33.7cm) / 20cm Casserole (H – without lid: 12cm / D: 21.5cm / W: 29.4cm) / 24cm Casserole (H – without lid: 14.1cm / D: 25.5cm / W: 34cm)
Packaging Dimensions:
 H: 17.5cm / D: 29.5cm  / W: 54cm
Colours: Copper exterior / Silver interior & handles


This cookware set is not recommended for the oven or dishwasher. Hand wash with warm water is recommended. Do not use harsh abrasives or scoures in order to prolong the copper exterior coating. Take care when handling hot dishes. Always use oven gloves when handling hot dishes. Do not use the cookware under the grill. Please ensure that all labels are removed, the product washed with dishwashing liquid and dried thoroughly before using for the first use. Proper use and care will ensure that this cookware will last. Use by children must be supervised by a responsible adult. The use of sharp utensils such as stainless steel whisks, knives or forks may scratch the surface of your cookware and it is therefore advisable to use wooden or nylon or silicone utensils in order to prevent this from happening. Please note that your cookware performs best on the stove with the lid on, saving both time and energy. Be careful not to place your lid on or near a hot plate whilst it is not in use. Although the glass lids are made from strengthened tempered glass, they can be broken if not handled with care. Do not store your cookware when damp or wet. Always use the correct size hot plate for the size pot in use. Only use the cookware on medium to low heat setting, do not let flames creep up the side of the pot as Copper coating can peel if heat extends over the base.


Hand wash only to prolong the life of the Copper exterior coating. Not recommended for oven use. Not suitable for the dishwasher. Always take care and caution when handling hot dishes. Tempered glass lids can shatter when dropped or knocked.Take caution with temperature changes with the tempered glass lids as it can shatter. This product has been designed to distribute heat evenly, which ensures that cooking can be done on medium to low heat setting only. Always use the correct size stove plate that corresponds with the size of the pot that you are using. Do not allow handles to extend over a hot plate. Do not leave your cookware unattended, as the cookware could boil dry and this may result in permanent damage to the product. Your cookware should never be filled to more than two thirds of its capacity. If you cook using the lid provided, this will allow you to cook at a lower heat, thus saving you energy and preserving the natural nutrients and colouring of the food. Rising steam can be very dangerous and direct contact should be avoided. It is important to note that pots and pans containing liquid can be heavy and utmost care should be taken when moving cookware containing hot oil or liquids. Always use oven gloves when handling hot pans and pots. For domestic use only.