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Providing information about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease it causes, plus statistics on its spread in SA and related government press releases.

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  • “I have been totally blown away with the service received from Brittany McPhail from the Legend Marketing division. I had a legend pot that developed a blister on its base. The 25 year guarantee was honoured without a question and a new post despatched to me. Absolutely BRILLIANT service.”

  • “My lunch stays fresh all day due to the watertight lock system on the containers. From bread to salad, yogurt to leftovers, it’s all good and fresh when I eat.”

  • “Lock & Lock – South Africa, your products are of very high quality and they are affordable, you are definitely the Master of Storage.”

  • “Lock and lock are the best for all storage needs never be with out them.”

  • “Reusable plastic containers. Great quality and variety, I like the tight seal, keep food fresh and no leaking.”

  • “Real quality products beautiful to use and a style that would fit any kitchen.”

  • “Lock & Lock is by faaaar the best pans in the world. Hopefully one day i can try the pots. Its does what it says.”

  • “Such good quality products, value for money and superior quality.”

  • “They combined quality, aesthetics and functionality in one product. That is highly unusual and very impressive… As the saying goes ” You do not own the Legend Housewares products, you are merely taking care of them for the next generation”.”

  • “Makes baking a dream. Quality at a price but worth every cent.”

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