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  • Inspire Cutting board 2 Sided

    The Inspire Cutting Board is perfect for the slicing of meat on one side and the cutting of vegetables on the other. The edges of the cutting board prevent you from messing on your countertop as it prevents water/ sauces from spilling off the board. Dishwasher Safe:  Not recommended Warranty:  1 Year

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  • Kitchen Inspire cut & drain board

    The Inspire Cut & Drain Board is designed with draining holes so that you can wash your vegetables and drain the water from the board. The cutting board has a scoop-like shape so that you can easily collect and pour out chopped up ingredients. The board also features a non-skid base that ensures a secure grip when cutting your ingredients and it has a hanging loop to hang the board up instead of placing it in the drawer or the loop can be used to easily handle the board when draining liquids. Dishwasher Safe:  Yes Warranty:  1 Year

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